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We identify, attract and assess people for leader and specialist functions, always striving for the best fit between people and organisational goals.

We are experts in qualified assessment of motivation and potential with scientific methods and solid skills in psychometrics, interviewing and reference checks and thorough analysis and understanding of our clients’ need. We have an extensive network and proactively headhunt for best available talent in every assignment.


SwedenSearch AB is a member of NPAworldwide, a global network of search professionals who are on the job market every day identifying, attracting and evaluating people for leader and specialist functions across industries. Wherever your recruitment need is, we can be your single point of contact.

We believe in

We strongly promote and believe in diverse teams and of course equal opportunities focusing on track record, motivation and potential. We never discriminate on any other features than the key criteria for success in a given role and organisational setting:

Who has the competencies, track record and potential?
Who is motivated by the challenges our client now stands before?
Who is the right catalyst for this team, division or organisation?

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